New Depot Program for 7th Grade Girls: ‘The Garden Club’ (Which Is Not a Garden Club)

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The Depot Youth Center’s new Wednesday afternoon program for girls in Grade 7, “The Garden Club,” isn’t actually about gardening but about nurturing yourself, according to the organization’s description:

“Empowering young girls to water their beauty within while equipping them with the tools to form healthy roots as they blossom into flourishing young ladies!”

Amanda Mariano, assistant program director at the Depot, is the Garden Club facilitator. She said she hopes “each girl walks away truly feeling empowered and equipped to walk through their journey of life.”

The program will include a “Family Feedback Branch,” in which parents can communicate to Mariano any feedback from home which she can in turn emphasize in the curriculum and present to the group.

‘Water Yourself’ by Shannon Malkin Daniels

The six-week program is taken from the book Water Yourself by Shannon Malkin Daniels. “It’s such an honor to hear my book has inspired your program, the Garden Club,” Daniels told the Depot.

From the back cover of the book:

  • “The simple yet effective principles in this book will teach you how to make time for and invest in yourself, weed out the bad to make room for the good, remove the roadblocks standing in your way of success and change your way of thinking so you can change your life. You’ll be both inspired and empowered to harness the power of positive thinking and take control of your destiny.”

In the introduction of the book, Daniels writes: “Watering yourself is the act of doing something for yourself — treating yourself for an accomplishment or just because. It could be something as simple as taking an hour away from it all to just breathe and relax. […] In the most basic sense, watering yourself is taking the time to invest in your personal health and happiness by doing something that you enjoy. […]

“It’s doing more than just rewarding yourself; it’s investing in yourself by increasing your education, expanding your horizons and widening your mind.”

If You’re Registering …

  • While the Depot’s illustration about the Garden Club on their website says it’s starting on Sept. 4, a problem in getting the new program started caused a delay, so the start date was recently changed to Wednesday, Oct. 23.
  • There are only 12 spots available, so those who want to be involved should register early to get a seat. Registration costs $50.
  • The program continues for six Wednesdays from 3:30 to 5 p.m. at the Depot, 25 Heights Road. It ends Nov. 27, the day before Thanksgiving. You may register at
  • The Garden Club is open to 7th grade girls, regardless of which school they attend or if they’re home schooled.
  • For more information contact Janice Marzano, Program Director

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