Need to Deal With a Parking Ticket? Go to Town Hall, Not Police HQ to Pay, or Go Online

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If you need to pay your Darien parking ticket, you should now go to Town Hall or mail it to Town Hall, not Police Headquarters.

You can also pay online here (there’s an extra $3.50 charge for that).You can even go online to tell town officials that you want to dispute the ticket (there’s no charge for that).

Here’s more information from the town’s parking ticket Web page:

The town’s online parking ticket system allows you to take action on parking tickets issued to you by the Town of Darien.

Paying a Ticket

To make a payment, select the first option. You will need your ticket number, the state in which your vehicle is registered, and your vehicle’s license plate number to make a payment.

Darien Train Station Darien Railroad Station

Darien Railroad Station Darien Train Station

Darien Railroad Station

— See also: “Darien Street Parking Violations Will Cost More, to Match Parking Lot Violations” (April 18)

Payments are accepted by Visa, MasterCard, Discover and PayPal. Once the payment is completed successfully your ticket will be updated as paid in the Town of Darien, CT’s database. If a valid email address is supplied a detailed receipt will be emailed.

A $3.50 per ticket service charge will be assessed for tickets paid on this website. Currently the Town of Darien requires that in order to use this payment method, all outstanding tickets associated with the vehicle must be paid.

To view an image of your parking ticket select the second option. You will need your ticket number to use this feature.

Appealing a Ticket

To submit a parking ticket appeal, select the third option below. You will need your ticket number to use this feature.

This website will accept your appeal information and send it to the Town of Darien on your behalf and you will receive an email confirmation once your appeal request has been sent if a valid email address is supplied.

All appeal requests are processed, and decisions made, by the Town of Darien staff. There is no service charge to submit an appeal.

Not Quite a 24 Hour Service is unavailable daily between 2 a.m. and 2:30 a.m. EST for routine maintenance.

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