Letter: We Need GOP Ticket’s Sound Leaders to Face Hartford’s Upcoming Challenges to Darien


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To the editor:

Our town is under assault from Hartford.

Our family has lived in Darien for 47 years. We’ve greatly benefited from our town’s “uniqueness”— closeness to New York, the beauty of our shoreline, top educational system, appreciating real estate values, town safety and lasting friends. We are so fortunate.

But, serious change will significantly impact Darien’s future — and it’s coming from Hartford and years of state fiscal mismanagement. Hartford’s cash grab could impact the very character of our town. We face declines in our educational system, real estate assets, and our attraction as a place for families and businesses.

Darien has important, historic choices to make. Sound leadership, with years of experience are needed now more than ever to ensure our town remains as viable, unique and, yes, better than other Connecticut towns.

I want the Best for Darien. I hope you’ll agree.

Please vote for Stevenson-Koons-Marks on Nov. 7th. It really matters.

Robert “Spike” Reed


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