Metro-North Customer Forums Scheduled for South Norwalk Station, Grand Central

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Customer forums with Metro-North representatives will take place on Tuesday, Nov. 19 at the South Norwalk Station and Tuesday, Dec. 10 at Grand Central Terminal, the railroad announced.

Metro-North has organized these forums at various locations over the past several years to allow customers to talk with railroad representatives about service and progress on major problems.

Upcoming ‘Connect With Us’ Meetings

Connect With Us forums will begin at 7 a.m. and conclude at 8:30 a.m.

When: Tuesday, Nov. 19
Where: South Norwalk New York-bound station platform

When: Tuesday, Dec. 10
Where: Grand Central Terminal

From the Announcement:

Here’s part of the Metro-North announcement about the forums:

Ask About What You Want to Discuss

Daily commuters, leisure travelers, community members and stakeholders are encouraged to attend and engage in constructive dialogue with Metro-North leadership who will be available to listen to customers experiences, share feedback and to answer questions.

Customers and community members are welcome to address a range of questions and concerns with Metro-North senior staff members from multiple departments.

Metro-North Train

A train at the Port Chester, N.Y. station (picture by Titanosaurus at English Wikipedia)

“Connect With Us forums are an excellent opportunity for us to let the public know what we’re doing to improve safety, service reliability and customer communications,” said Catherine Rinaldi, Metro-North president. “The forums also give us the chance to speak directly to our customers, listen, and learn what matters to them, and find ways we can do to continue to enhance service.”  […]

This year, Metro-North has held Connect with Us forums at ten other stations: North White Plains, Beacon, Brewster, Croton Harmon, Nanuet, Harriman, Mount Vernon East, Bridgeport, Woodlawn and Ossining.

The program is on-going, and the railroad will continue to host these forums next year.

What Metro-North Wants to Discuss

Since Metro-North was formed in 1983, ridership has boomed from just over 41 million customers a year, primarily to and from “9-to-5” jobs in New York City, to an all-time high of 86.5 million customers in 2017.

To address this growth and to improve the experience of its customers, Metro-North created Way Ahead, a roadmap for the railroad’s future that details actions to enhance safety, service, infrastructure, and communications.

The forums are a chance for Metro-North leadership to discuss how Way Ahead lays the foundation for the continued growth and vitality of the railroad and answer questions about what it means for customers.

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