Metro-North Announces Train Service Changes for Christmas Holiday

Christmas postcard train winter 912-20-16

A Christmas postcard from the early 20th century.

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Forget the One-Horse Open Sleigh! Metro-North is the best way to get around during this holiday season! We’ve got plenty of service, and a special timetable covering Christmas Day, New Year’s Eve, and New Year’s Day.

Here’s what we have “under the tree” for you:

Christmas postcard train winter 912-20-16

A Christmas postcard from the early 20th century.

Unless your boss is a total Scrooge, you will want to take advantage of our Christmas Getaway Service on Friday, Dec. 23 with extra trains departing Grand Central beginning at around 1 p.m. Because of reduced ridership, some evening trains may be cancelled or combined. See a regular timetable (or our Train Time App) for details.

On Christmas Eve Day, Saturday, Dec. 24 we will operate a regular Saturday schedule.

On Christmas Day, Sunday, Dec. 25, we will operate a regular Sunday schedule.

And since Christmas falls on a Sunday this year, many businesses will observe the holiday on Monday, Dec. 26. (It’s like the gift that keeps giving!) On that day, we will operate a Saturday schedule with additional Shoppers’ Specials trains. (So you can head to the stores to spend all that holiday “loot” you were given, or return that fuzzy reindeer sweater your mom gave you ASAP.)

For the week between Christmas and New Year’s (Tuesday-Friday, Dec. 27-30), if your plans include seeing the tree at Rockefeller Center, strolling by the holiday window displays along Fifth Avenue, or just returning that holiday pine scented candle your “best” friend gave you, we will be able to get you there. We will operate a weekday schedule with reduced AM Peak service and additional inbound service operating in the late morning.

If you are traveling with family and friends, we suggest purchasing an off-peak ten-trip ticket. In addition to the discounted price, it is transferable, so everyone riding with you can use it. (It is like the gift that keeps on giving!) We recommend you use MTA eTix ®, the mobile ticketing app that enables you to purchase , ten trip, one way, round trip, weekly and monthly passes on your smartphone or mobile device.

And for the New Year’s Holiday

Once again, look for that early getaway service on Friday, Dec. 30. (See December 23 service above.)

On New Year’s Eve (Saturday, December 31) we will operate a special schedule. For those of you planning to party in Times Square (or anywhere else), our New Year’s Eve schedule will include extra inbound late afternoon and early evening service. And when the party truly is finally over, our “overnight” New Year’s morning service will get you home from your New Year’s celebrations.

Please remember that drinking alcohol on Metro-North trains and at our stations is banned from noon New Year’s Eve until noon New Year’s Day.(Because there comes a time when the party really is over.)

Your first resolution for the New Year should be to buy your tickets in advance: Those of you taking our early morning New Year service will have your tickets collected prior to boarding trains at Grand Central. Again, start the New Year off right and resolve to use MTA eTix®.

On New Year’s Day, Sunday, Jan. 1, 2017 we will operate a Sunday schedule.

And as an added bonus, this year New Year’s Day is observed on Monday, Jan. 2. Since businesses and government offices are closed we will operate a Saturday schedule without the Shoppers Specials. (Because if you haven’t purchased that holiday gift for that special someone by then, you will never need to again.)

Be sure to look for our special Christmas/New Year’s Timetable on our schedules page, in Grand Central, and at outlying ticket offices. Or download our free Train Time App on your iPhone or Android.

All of us at Metro-North wish you a safe and happy holiday season.

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