Letter: Instead of More Tax Increases, CT Should Try More Spending Cuts

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To the editor:

Democrats are all about taxes! Darien residents and Connecticut residents have had enough!  Lamont is “now considering” taxing groceries. So, if I spend $100 on groceries, I will have to pay another $6 plus to the State government for the right to eat; if I want my asthma meds — $349/month — that equals another $20 to the state for the privilege of being able to breathe!


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I won’t get started on the excess state property tax he proposes to add to our already existing municipal property taxes! But I would like to remind Lamont and his cronies in Hartford who look for taxation instead of reducing/cutting expenses, that not everyone in the “Gold Coast” is wealthy!

There are a lot of us who are seniors, young families with children, residents in public housing, who do NOT make massive amounts of money.

We will be hurt by your disingenuous desire to put our dollars into inner cities like Harford, Bridgeport, New Haven.

And we all know the “small” tax is only a way to open a door where this “small” tax can be hiked higher in the coming years of Lamont’s reign.

A car is a viable means of transportation — we already pay car taxes that help the towns we are living in. Why should our tax dollars go to bail out the inner cities that were ruined by excessive taxation by irresponsible politicians who don’t look beyond the balance sheet at the ways that hurt the poorer residents of New Canaan, Darien, Stamford, Greenwich, Westport.

How about a novel approach? Why doesn’t Lamont break away from the Malloy meltdown tactics and cut expenses? Stop catering to the unions and do some realistic expense cutting instead of putting the burden of fixing Connecticut’s issues on already overtaxed and underpaid citizens?

Nanci Natale


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