Letter in Support of Terrie Wood: ‘Thoughtful Leadership and Respectful Governing’

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To the editor:

If you were new to Fairfield County, didn’t follow local politics or have been living under the huge pile of Dan Malloy’s taxes, you might wonder why Terrie Wood normally runs for re-election unopposed or ponder her large margins of victory over opponents when they dare. 

What’s clear is that among numerous specifics, what stands out about Terrie is her thoughtful leadership and respectful governing.  In what has become a divisive electorate in our state and nationwide, aren’t those the qualities you would prefer to have represent you in Hartford?

Despite the damaging fiscal mess Democrats, who control both legislative chambers and the governor’s office, have left us with, there are still positive attributes to living in Connecticut — and certainly in Darien or Rowayton.

Without Terrie’s representation, those positives will continue to disappear along with GE and many other businesses and residents that have left the state because of harmful anti-business policies, record tax increases and Hartford’s desire to use fiscally responsible towns like Darien as their unlimited cash-cow.

I have known Terrie for years including working along side her during four years I spent in town government and she has always proven to be a voice of reason that will fight for continued fiscal responsibility and thoughtful legislation that will attract new business and provide necessary social services.

I feel fortunate to call Terrie my friend.  I feel safe and exceptionally represented to call her my voice in Hartford.  Please join me in supporting Terrie on Nov 8.

Joe Pizzarelli

Richmond Drive

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