Letter: Get Informed About the Candidates Now, Vote on Nov. 6. Both Things Count.

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To the editor:

Dear citizens of Darien,

We have a big election coming up on Nov. 6 and everyone needs to make an informed vote.

A few of my friends have said to me, “What difference does it make if we vote or not? I don’t even know who’s running, I’ll just vote for people who sound familiar, it doesn’t really effect me.” Guess what? I used to be one of these people not too long ago. I’d hear someone say something positive about one candidate and something negative about another and I’d vote that way.

We CANNOT continue to vote on hearsay and rumors. Look up candidates on The State Capitol website or even Wikipedia! Your informed vote counts! It starts at the local level.

The Democratic Candidates are: Ned Lamont, governor; Susan Bysiewicz, lieutenant governor; William Tong, attorney general; Shawn Wooden, treasurer. Take a few minutes and educate yourselves, it feels good!!

Elizabeth Hall
38 Sunset Rd

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