LETTERS: Democrats, Vote in the August Primary and in November

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To the editor:

Democrats, vote like your world depended on it.  It does. 


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Every civilization has the seeds of its own destruction.  Democracy is not a spectator sport.

Vote in the primary Aug. 14 and again in November.  Vote for affordable health care, citizenship for DACA Americans, keeping families together, quality education.  Lots of information on line.  See you at the polls.

Barbara Cox
Nearwater Lane


To the editor:

The Democratic Primary in Connecticut on Aug. 14 gives Darien Democrats the opportunity for democratic voters to decide who will be their candidates.

The Democratic Convention in May gave attending delegates the choice of who were going to be their endorsed slate of candidates.

Other candidates who have done the work either by obtaining signed petitions or by getting 15 percent of the delegate vote at the convention also appear on the ballot.

The only two constitutional offices that do not appear on the August 14  Democratic Primary ballot are for Secretary of State and for Comptroller.

On Tuesday Aug. 14 the choice is yours. Now far more than ever before Democrats need to vote.

Elizabeth Hall
Sunset Road
Democratic Town Committee Secretary

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