Let’s Talk Coding: A Conversation About Technology at Darien Library

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Notice a buzz in the air about coding? Today, everybody seems to be taking coding classes, attending coding bootcamps, attending hackathons or participating in some kind of activity related to coding.

an announcement from Darien Library

An “interactive session” Monday night at Darien Library will introduce you to key ideas about computers, the origins of coding, its history and the different languages used to write code.

Join us for this interactive session where you will have fun exploring the world of coding.

People think that Coding is something that we do to make Computers do what we want. Actually, Coding is more about people-it is a structured form of thinking, an expression of our ideas that enables us to share and communicate ideas with other people.-Varghese John

If You’re Going …

Bring your questions about coding, participate actively in the discussions or just sit back and enjoy the conversation. No prior technical knowledge needed, there will be something in the conversation for novices and experts.

The event takes place Monday, May 21, from 6:30 to 8:30 p.m. in the Community Room at Darien Library.

About the Instructor

Varghese John, Ph.D., is an experienced technologist with a scientific research background and a love for learning and teaching science, technology, and mathematics.

He has led large global teams delivering innovative solutions to complex problems for leading financial service organizations. VJ is passionate about delivering STEM education for children and adults in order to build a community of citizens who can apply logic and scientific thinking to address global challenges.

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