Know a Deserving Homeowner Who Needs a Free Roof? Nearby Business Accepting Nominations Now

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If you know a deserving homeowner in Fairfield County who could use a free roof and wouldn’t mind participating in a public contest to get it, send in your nomination to Prizio Roofing & Siding Co. in New Canaan.

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Nominate someone and a committee will put up four candidates for a vote.

The area business is participating in the No Roof Left Behind campaign, where area roofers hold public voting campaigns to see which homeowner will get a free roof in a certain area — in this case, Fairfield County.

Anyone can participate and nominate a friend, neighbor or family member in need of a new roof. From the submissions, four finalists will be chosen for an online public voting campaign.

A team of local volunteers will review all the nominees and four will be selected as finalists. The four finalists’ stories and photos will be displayed on Prizio Roofing & Siding Co.’s No Roof Left Behind homepage.

From Sept. 14 to 28, 2017, the public will able to vote for the finalist they feel is most deserving. The winner will be revealed online on Oct. 5.

Nominations for the free roof giveaway are being accepted now through Aug. 31 on this Web page of the the No Roof Left Behind website.

Prizio Roofing logo 08-07-17Nominees must own the home they are living in and be a resident of Fairfield County. The free roof recipient also must be current on his or her mortgage payments.

Prizio Roofing & Siding Co., Inc. partnered with No Roof Left Behind as a way to give back to the Fairfield County community that has brought them success for more than 48 years, an announcement from the business said.

“We couldn’t be happier to pay it forward to the local community with a free roof giveaway,” said Jonathan Prizio, owner of the company. “We’re excited to see our neighbors and customers come together to help one of our own in need.”

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