Journalist Tells League of Women Voters Members How to Spot Fake News

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How do you know whether the news you’re getting is real or fake? John Dankosky, a journalist with PBS stations in New England says you should stay informed in general, check out any particular assertion that seems fishy and don’t trust social media.

Dankosky made those points during a featured speech at the Darien League of Women Voters annual meeting and luncheon, held Thursday, May 24 at the Country Club of Darien.

The League also elected a new slate of officers for the organization and reviewed the events it organized over the course of the past year.

Here’s the Darien league’s announcement describing the event:

John Dankosky on Caveats for News Consumers

The speaker at the event was John Dankosky, executive editor of the New England News Collaborative, an eight station consortium of public media newsrooms.

Mr. Dankosky’s topic was “The State of Journalism and the News.” He emphasized the importance of checking the accuracy of news and pursuing evidence of its accuracy.

In increasing numbers, people get their news from Facebook and social media. These media outlets are often more committed to their advertisers than to their readers.

Dankosky pointed out that while the difference between opinion and fact once was very clear, that is not the case today. Today two-thirds of Americans don’t trust the news to sort fact from fiction.

To combat the threat of fake news he emphasized that consumers should always be informed and always probe to make sure the news source is accurate.

Board of Directors Elected

Prior to the luncheon and speaker, the LWV Board met in its final session of the season to discuss the highlights of the year and elect the 2018-2019 Board of Directors.

The following slate of Board members was approved:
  • Co-presidents — Gwen Mogenson and Clara Sartori;
  • 1st Vice-President for Voters’ Service  — Sue Spain and Laura Mosher;
  • 2nd Vice-Presidents for Program — Ann Ferris, Sandy Filmer, Liz Mao, and Susan Vogel;
  • Treasurer — Stephanie Maher; Secretarial Team, Amy Zerbe, Vickie Baldwin;
  • Candidates’ Night — Catherine Piorkowski, Theresa Vogt;
  • Voters’ Guide — Shelly Skoglund;
  • Government Guide — Nina Miller;
  • Food for Thought — Karla Coe;
  • Hospitality — Sandy McDonnell and Lisa Von Steulpnagel;
  • Legislative Interviews — Millyn Gaaserud and Committee;
  • Membership— Jean Sweeny and Betsy Shay;
  • Membership Book — Sue Okie;
  • Nominating — Stacey Tie and Sue Okie;
  • Newsprint — Joan Davis;
  • Tech Support — Deepika Saksena.
  • Directors at- Large include Martha Banks, Carolyn Bayne, Nancy Cahoon, Taylor Carter, Mary Genco, Kate Larson, Enid Oresman, Arlene Tulacro, Barbara Thorne and Laurie Williamson.
Highlights of the Past Year

Following the luncheon, League Presidents Gwen Mogenson and Clara Sartori reviewed some of the highlights of the year.

In addition to the traditional events such as Candidates’ Night, the Town Officials forum, and the Legislative Coffee, the League hosted or cohosted a number of speakers on local and state issues.

Examples include:

  • Robert Klee, Commissioner of Connecticut Department of Energy and Environmental Protection (DEEP),
  • Keith Phaneuf, State Budget Reporter for the Connecticut Mirror on the State financial situation,
  • Emily Larkin, Thriving Youth Director of the Community Fund of Darien on “Our Darien” a multiyear initiative aimed at reducing underage drinking and improving teenage mental health,
  • Jonathan Perloe, Communications Director of CT Against Gun Control
  • Alexandra Ramsteck, Darien Director of Human Services on meeting the needs of all ages and stages of Darien residents.
  • The league also co-sponsored with the Darien Library, Al Gore’s movie “An Inconvenient Sequel.”
You Can Join

Membership in the League of Women Voters of Darien is open to all men and women, 16 years and older. To join, go to the Darien LWV website and click “Join Us.”

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