Identity Thief Gets Social Security Number, Victim Gets Two Verizon Bills

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Ever wonder what could happen if some criminal gets your Social Security number? A Delafield Island Road woman found out the hard way on Sunday when she received two wireless phone bills from Verizon.

One bill showed three telephone numbers had been assigned to her. The second one had one phone number. Total charges for the first month: $127.53.

The woman contacted Verizon’s fraud department, where she learned the purchase had been made online using her Social Security number. The phones were shipped to a Connecticut address, she was told, but Verizon wouldn’t tell her which specific address unless she filed a police report.

She contacted Darien police at 3:56 p.m. that day.

The woman checked for suspicious activity in her other accounts, but didn’t find any. Police are looking into the matter.



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