Identity Theft Attempted Against Darien Man, 35, With 3 Applications for Store Credit

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A 35-year-old Darien man told police that he’d received a phone call from Target that someone had applied for a credit card in his name. Soon after, he learned that similar applications had been made in his name for Walmart and Saks Fifth Avenue accounts.

The man reported the attempted identity theft to police on Saturday. He put a credit freeze on his credit report to try to prevent any further attempts at identity theft.

No financial losses to him resulted from the identity theft attempts, and police know of no local connection involving the stealing of his personal information for the applications.


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Local police often can do little in these cases, since the stealing can be done online, the thieves can be far away, and even the resulting theft of money can be distant.

Credit card companies and banks sometimes want victims to report the matter to police before restoring any money stolen as a result of identity theft.

Darien police have a packet of information providing advice on what to do if you’re the victim of identity theft, and they commonly give that to victims.


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