Home Entered on Hoyt St, Nothing Apparently Stolen



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A Hoyt Street home was entered by someone while a family was on vacation for much of August, but although jewelry was left on the floor of one room and papers strewn about in it, nothing appears to have been taken, police said.

The family was away from their home on Hoyt Street, not far from Holmes School, from Aug. 9 to 27. When they returned, family members found a back door unlocked and jewelry and papers were taken from drawers and thrown on the floor in the master bedroom on the second floor.

The back door of the house was unlocked, although the house had been locked up when the family went away. A second-floor window was also found open (which was closed before the vacation), and four window screens on the first floor were damaged, but there was no indication that anyone had gained entry to the house that way.

A key hidden outside may have been used to open the back door, residents told police, who are still investigating the matter.

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