From the Helen Ainson Blog: Your Guide to Looking Great in Photos

Photo: Y-Photography – Pixabay 6-24-16

Photo: Y-Photography – Pixabay

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The Helen Ainson store has an interesting blog that we think more Darienites should see, so we asked to reprint some of their posts (you can see the full blog here). Here’s our first one:

Graduation, weddings, family reunions, dinner parties…..the list goes on and on as to events we will either be taking photos, or be in photos, capturing those special moments in life!  This is a season for many of those events so we thought it appropriate to give you some guidance!  Lucky you if you are one of those who looks fabulous in just about every photo!  For many, having a photo taken is not on our list of favorite things!  Whether it be feeling self concious of certain flaws, or just the fact that it seems every photo is not exactly flattering, the sight of a camera can make us shudder and want to run for the nearest exit!  Help is on the way….

Photo: Y-Photography – Pixabay 6-24-16

Photo: Y-Photography – Pixabay

We have your guide to looking great in photos and they are simple, yet effective ways to give you an edge, and not live in fear of the camera!

  1.  Backdrops Matter:  White or light backgrounds help the camera’s automatic settings which will enhance your skin tone, brightening your face.
  2. Tilt:  Turn your head slightly instead of facing the camera straight on.  Tilting your head will give you a more flattering photo.
  3. Tame Flyaways:  The camera can emphasize frizz or flyaways so make sure to use hair products to tame them.
  4. Enhance Your Smile:  Use a red carpet trick for a better smile by putting your tongue behind your teeth, slightly touching the roof of your mouth. Yellow teeth?  Try whitening strips or a visit to your dentist for whiter teeth.
  5. Double Trouble?  Double chin rescue:  Stick your forehead out and tip your chin slightly down which will elongate your neck!  Bye bye double chin!
  6. Lash Out:  Open those beautiful peepers!  Here are three options: (1) Curl lashes and use a good lengthening mascara.  (2)  Apply false eyelashes.  Not confident how? Head to your nearest salon!  (3)  Get eyelash extensions which are longer lasting than a set of false ones.  (In our area?  Try Dee Stefanou at Andrew Stefanou Salon and Spa in Darien — you will love her and her work!)
  7. Find Your Better Half:  We aren’t talking about signing up for a dating site!  We are referring to becoming aware of which side of your face looks better in photos. Everyone has a better half of their face!  Find yours and feel more confident!
  8. Turn Your Body:  Turn your body 3/4 towards the camera (check out photos on the red carpet for ideas).  It’s much more flattering than straight on.  Another trick is while turned, put a hand on one hip.
  9. Raise Up:  Raise your eyebrows slightly and look above the camera.
  10. Hide:  Hide flabby arms by keeping arms a couple inches away from your torso.

Makeup Tricks to Remember:

  • A bit of shimmer or sparkle is okay but use carefully.  You should look to achieve a soft glow which enhances your bone structure.
  • Stay away from dark lipstick which makes lips appear thinner.  Instead, opt for a bright shade.
  • Don’t forget the blush!  Color on your cheeks is a must to avoid having your face look two demential.
  • Eyebrows frame your eyes so fill them in to avoid looking washed out.  Remember features look lighter in photos.
  • Foundation should not be too pale and should match the skin on your neck (which is always lighter).  Put a bit on your neck and blend it in.

Finally, remember you are beautiful and rock those photos with confidence!  There is no makeup better than knowing inside you are one of a kind fabulous!

xoxo  Have a beautiful day!

The Helen Ainson store can be found online and at 1078 Post Road in Darien.

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