Freedom Riders Discuss Civil Rights Era with Darien High School Students

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They were both college students at the time, boarding buses in 1961 to take a stand.

Known as Freedom Riders, the Rev. Reginald Green and Dion Diamond joined others in riding Trailways and Greyhound buses to challenge racial segregation in the South.

Reginald Green Freedom Riders Civil Rights Era Darien High School 02-09-17

The Rev. Reginald Green, a former freedom rider, at Darien High School.

Diamond, who was 19 and a Howard University student, rode a Greyhound bus from Montgomery, Ala. to Jackson, Miss. where he was arrested. Green, who was studying for the ministry at Virginia Union University in Richmond boarded the bus in Washington, DC.

The experiences they had on those momentous rides, which resulted in arrests and other confrontations, were shared last week with Darien High School students. In addition, Rev. Green (pictured above) sang the Civil Rights song “Freedom” for students.

The event was coordinated by social studies teacher Christopher Buckley.

— This article is from the Darien Public Schools News of the Week newsletter.

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