Four Democrats Jointly Announce They’re Candidates for November’s Election

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Four Democrats announced Sunday that they’re running for offices in Darien’s local elections on Nov. 5:

Tara Ochman, chairman of the Board of Education, is running for re-election; Sarah Neumann and David Martin are running for the Board of Selectmen; and Dan Bumgardner is running for a seat on the Board of Finance.

The candidates will be nominated at the Democratic Caucus at 6 p.m., Tuesday, July 23 in Room 119 at Darien Town Hall. All members of the Darien Democratic Party are invited to attend.

A news release from the candidates said, in part:

  • Shannon Silsby, campaign manager for the candidates is thrilled that such a passionate group of public servants is interested in serving Darien. “We are fortunate that Sarah, David, Tara and Dan have stepped up to serve. Elections are about ideas and choices. Our candidates aim to connect with all Darien residents to learn more about what they value about our town, listen to their concerns and share the team’s robust vision for Darien.”
Democratic candidates

Democratic candidates 2019

The four candidates: Tara Ochman (Board of Education), Dan Bumgardner (Board of Finance), Sarah Neumann and David Martin (Board of Selectmen)

The news release also described the background of each of the candidates:

Sarah Neumann

Sarah Neumann is currently a member of the Representative Town Meeting from District 4, has lived in Darien for the last 15 years and earned her Bachelor of Arts Degree in Sociology.

Sarah’s many volunteer activities include serving as co-chair of the Hindley and Darien High School PTOs, the president of the Junior League of Stamford-Norwalk, Inc. and co-chair of St Luke’s Newcomers Committee.

“Darien is an outstanding town and like all towns in Connecticut we are facing a number of challenges,” Neumann said. “As a Selectman I will have the opportunity to shape the path of our town and do so in a thoughtful and collaborative manner.”

David Martin

David Martin has been a Darien resident for 20 years. He is a Member of the Representative Town Meeting and has served on the Finance and Budget Committee for the past three years.

As an F&B member he has participated in detailed reviews of both the town and school budgets building a strong knowledge of both.

David retired from JP Morgan Asset Management, holds a master’s degree in international business, bachelors of science in business and is a chartered financial analyst.

“As a career analyst I am detail oriented, fact driven, thorough and thoughtful,” Martin said. “My governing philosophy is grounded in what is best for our town. The citizens of Darien are my priority.”

Tara Ochman

Tara Ochman currently serves as the Chair of the Darien Board of Education and has lived in Darien since 2007. She holds a degree in Government and Law and spent her professional career serving as a Finance Director for political campaigns.

Before serving on the Board of Education, Tara held several roles in the community including PTO Chair at Ox Ridge School, Chairperson of the Council of Darien School Parents and a trustee of the Darien Library.

“Darien Public Schools are committed to educating children so they can actively participate in their own futures,” Ochman said.

“During my tenure on the Board, we have been proud to push forward innovative curriculum and improved facilities inside of fiscally responsible budgets, always with a focus on creating secure and appropriate learning environments for Darien’s children to thrive,” she said.

Dan Bumgardner

Dan Bumgardner is a recent retiree from a more than 35 year career in the banking industry. Dan holds bachelor’s and master’s degrees with finance concentrations.

Having lived in Darien since 1999, he has been an active member of the community, serving as a youth coach as well as a volunteer for the Darien Community Fund.

“I look forward to continuing my service to the Town of Darien through the Board of Finance,” he said. “Both my education and experience will enable me to collaborate effectively with board members to continue prudent stewardship of the town’s fiscal health.”

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