The First ‘Dash’ in the New ‘Darien Dash’ Scavenger Hunt May Be Registering on Feb 27

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A new scavenger hunt in Darien, called the “Darien Dash” and organized by the Darien Youth Commission, will take place on Saturday, March 11, and will accept just 20 teams, each with a car.

Registration, which starts Feb. 27, will be first-come, first-served — so (depending on how popular this is) that may be the pre-dash “dash.” You might gather certain information before registration opens, to get your form completed faster.

Here’s the announcement from the Youth Commission:

The Darien Youth Commission is happy to announce its first community-wide scavenger hunt, the Darien Dash, taking place on March 11 from 1 to 3 p.m.

Teams partaking in the scavenger hunt will compete to score the most points by answering town-based riddles and visiting participating merchants based on clues. The Darien Dash begins at the Town Hall gym and ends at The Depot Youth Center on Heights Road, where points will be tallied and prizes given to winners.

Participation in the Darien Dash is open to all ages, but requires a vehicle and driver to travel about town, based on answers to riddles. Participants will be limited to the first 20 vehicles to register.

Darien Youth Commission 20-05-17

Photo from Darien Youth Commission

Pictured at a recent meeting for the upcoming event are members of the Darien Youth Commission: Samantha Ball, Coco Rooney, Grace Silsby, Amanda Barlow, Julia O’Brien, Ben Bidell, Cord Fox, Tyler O’Brien, Alan Hyatt, Chris Berardino, Hailey Zimmerman, Alyssa Farrell and James Cherico.


Team members may not exceed the number of seat belts in vehicles and signed waivers are required for participants under the age of 18. First, second and third place prizes will go to the teams with the most points. In the event of a tie, prizes will be given based on earliest arrival at The Depot.

The Darien Dash is one of many events hosted by the Darien Youth Commission, which develops enrichment programs and activities for youth. It is comprised of both adults and high school students.

“We are really thrilled to offer this exciting activity to families and the youth of the town. Since it is open to all ages, it’s a great way to include everyone in on the fun,” said Alicia Sillars, Youth Director of the DYC.

Registration forms for the Darien Dash will be available at from February 27 until March 8, or until the maximum number of 20 registrations are taken.

Registration fee is $25 per vehicle. For more information, visit or call 203-656-7388.

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