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Here are the final letters to the editor about candidates for election:

A note from the editor: Apologies for publishing these letters so late. I’ve been sick for weeks (but getting better, slowly) and didn’t have the energy to get them published earlier. — David Gurliacci

Klein’s Experience in Business Will Help in State Legislature

To the editor:

While serving as Darien’s First Selectwoman, Evonne Klein knew it wasn’t enough to just talk about a problem, you actually had to do something to fix it.  She brought a non-partisan approach to getting things done, and today, our town is better off for it.

As our next state representative, her husband, Randy Klein, will bring the same solutions-oriented approach to state government.  Instead of talking about traffic congestion and blaming others for our budget deficits, Randy will bring his decades of experience as a business owner in the transportation field to the table to deliver results for Darien.

His plan to consolidate government resources, cap the governor’s bonding authority and re-negotiate the State’s most costly pension obligations will go a long way to fixing our budget.  Lets elect Randy Klein for State Representative on Nov. 8.  We have known Randy and his family for many years, and we look forward to his serving our community as state representative.

— Averill Babson

— Gregory Sohns


GOP Is Answer to State Problems

To the editor:

I have noted a number of letters to the editor in local papers in support of Democrats Randy Klein, running for state representative, and Bob Duff, for the State Senate. I wonder if these writers are familiar with the dire financial condition of the State of Connecticut, and the role Klein’s wife and Senator Duff have played in the failure of state government to adequately address this crisis?

The situation: Connecticut has the highest per capita state and local debt in the country; the third highest state and local tax burden in the US; a massively underfunded state pension plan; a business climate ranked near the bottom of all states; major corporations-think GE-moving out; excessive tax giveaways and other payments trying to prevent more companies from moving out; a growth rate well below the national average; and droves of taxpaying civic minded citizens moving out.

The Democrats have controlled both legislative branches for over 38 years, and have held the Governor’s office for the last six years. Instead of taking meaningful corrective action, they have allowed the situation to get worse. Not only that, Klein’s wife is a member of Governor Malloy’s cabinet, and Bob Duff is Majority Leader of the state Senate, where both are in positions of influence where they could have insisted on serious changes and improvements. Instead, they are both complicit in the failure of the Democratic Party to meaning address the state’s critical financial crises.

If the state does not soon take dramatic action, it is extremely likely one of the following events, or a combination of them, will occur: a huge increase in taxes; a draconian cut in expenditure’s for education, hospitals, and essential social services; or bankruptcy.

Terrie Wood, current State representative for the 141st District (Darien and Norwalk), and Greg Ehlers, candidate for state Senate in the 25th District (Darien and Norwalk) fully understand the seriousness of the problems facing the state, and have specific policy proposals to get the state back on track. Vote for Wood and Ehlers on election day.

— Bill Nightingale Sr.


Klein Has Experience and Knowledge

To the editor:

On Election Day, Nov 8th join me and vote for Randy Klein for state representative.
It’s clear that Randy will bring a new perspective, a common-sense approach and a spirit of collaboration to the Connecticut Legislature. He has shared his ideas on improving the state. We are fortunate to have someone of his experience and knowledge willing to serve in these tough times.

The polls are open from 6 a.m. to 8p.m. on Tuesday Nov. 8th. Don’t forget to vote and when you do, vote Row A all the way.  Vote Randy Klein for State Representative.

— Christine Castles,
Member, Darien Democratic Town Committee


Randy Klein Will Be Good for Small Businesses

To the editor:

As a business owner himself for nearly forty years, Randy Klein, candidate for state representative, understands the challenges faced by business owners.  This why he supports expanding the Angel Investors program in order to help the next generation of business leaders create new businesses. Randy will work to eliminate outdated regulations, and create a 1-800-hotline to help companies across Connecticut navigate and understand the regulations that remain.

Klein’s plan to expand Small Business Express would similarly help startup companies and entrepreneurs. All of these proposals will help create new jobs right here in Connecticut. I have known Randy for a long time and know his ability and devotion to our communities. I believe the residents of Norwalk, Darien and Rowayton should be proud to vote for Randy Klein for state representative on November 8th.

— Donna I. King, Norwalk

Support Democrats: Vote Row A

To the editor:

Hillary Clinton has the proven experience and temperament to be president in a difficult world. Similarly, Dick Blumenthal and Jim Himes have impressive records of working for Connecticut in Congress. They each deserve Darien’s support.

Darien is lucky to be represented by State Senate Majority Leader Bob Duff, State Sen. Carlo Leone and by William Tong in the General Assembly. They are leaders that Darien can count on. Recently when ECS funding was cut for Darien’s schools, it was the Duff, Leone and Tong who prevailed upon the governor and their colleagues to restore most of the money for Darien.

Randy Klein deserves a chance to bring his experience as a small business owner to Hartford. Tara Ochman and Susan Gray are outstanding candidates for Board of Education and Registrar of Voters.

I urge Darien’s voters to vote Row A on Election Day!

— David Bayne

Member, Darien Democratic Town Committee


Klein is Thoughtful, Innovative, Hard-working

To the editor:

Serving as a Selectmen for Darien is a privilege and has given me the opportunity to get to know all the candidates attending last weeks LWV Debate. We’re lucky to have these individuals stepping forward to represent our interest at the state legislature.  With that said, we would be well served electing Randy Klein as our state representative.

I’ve known Randy for a long time and I can honestly say he is one of the hardest working individuals I have ever met. He cares deeply about family, democracy, and our community. Randy has tirelessly campaigned to meet and talk with over 4,000 residents to date about their concerns.

But more importantly, Randy has thoughtful and innovative ideas about how to fix the state budget, improve our economy, and protect our interests. Electing Randy Klein as state representative would bring passion, dedication, and unparalleled work ethic from any current public servant.

— Rob Richards

Member, Darien Board of Selectmen

Wood Will Help With State’s Fiscal Crisis

To the editor:

In April 2015 as Selectman, I warned one of our state legislators during one of our Board of Selectman meetings that the corporate and personal tax increases was scaring many corporations and jobs to leave the state. Those reasons and the continued dismal fiscal condition of Connecticut made others consider leaving as well.

Randy Klein responded in a blog entry I reduce the rent in my offices by “a buck or two.” A couple of weeks later, GE announced it was considering leaving; and did.  Several other companies and high net worth individuals have left and more will follow.   I would hope that our state representative would know its not the office rent that is forcing companies and individuals out: it is our government.

 Terrie Wood clearly understands what challenges Connecticut faces and has worked tirelessly in seeking solutions to our fiscal crisis.

Join me in voting for Terrie.

— Jerry Nielsen

Terrie Wood Fought for State Funding of Nonprofits

To the editor:

This is an unusual election year to say the least and while I lament the choices we have at the national level, we are fortunate here in Darien to have a clear unambiguous choice for our State Representative, Terrie Wood.

As a former board member of Person-to-Person for 10+ years, I had the opportunity to see first hand how Terrie would fight to keep funding in place for the many non-profits providing critical human services in lower Fairfield county. Terrie completely gets how a partnership between government and local non-profits can deliver high quality services in a more cost efficient manor than the government acting alone. Her collaborative problem solving approach is what we need in Hartford.

If you’re looking for someone who is focused on the issues, that you can like, trust and respect, you need look no further than Terrie. Please cast your vote for Terrie Wood on Election Day.

Yours truly,

Per Sekse

First Selectman Says Terrie Wood the ‘One True Voice for Darien in Hartford’

To the editor:

The ideological distance between Darien and Hartford is far greater than the 75 miles. For 38 years, Democrat-controlled state government has made a disaster of our state’s finances. The Malloy/Duff team is moving fast to create regional government and tax revenue sharing instead of doing the hard work of addressing our state’s spending problems. One party rule has not served Darien well.

In my years as your first selectman, Terrie Wood has been the one true voice for Darien in Hartford. Her outreach to our schools, business community, non-profits and town leadership is a testament to how deeply she cares about our community. Terrie’s bi-partisan legislative ethic has earned her peers’ deep respect.

This election, we have the chance to double Darien’s representation in Hartford by “hiring” Greg Ehlers for State Senate. Greg’s business experience and Terrie’s legislative experience is a winning combination for Darien.

Jayme Stevenson

First Selectman

And Now for Something Completely Different …

A note from the editor:


We weren’t quite sure what to make of the news release below. At first, we wondered whether or not it was a spoof. Then we saw that Hearst Newspapers published an article about it last Friday. We’ll accept it as real.

According to Hearst Newspapers, President Obama has also weighed in on 150 or so other state legislature races. Reader, if you think the President of the United States has the time to weigh the comparative merits of Bob Duff and Greg Ehlers in a single Connecticut state senate race, then you go right ahead and consider what Barack Obama has to say about it. This news release was emailed to us from the Duff campaign:


                                     Support Underscores Crucial Nature of This Race

WASHINGTON —Today Barack Obama endorsed Senate Majority Leader Bob Duff (D-Norwalk/Darien)  in his race for re-election to the state Senate. Senator Duff is among a select group of state legislative candidates from around the country to be endorsed by Obama.

This contest has caught national attention due to Senator Duff’s leadership on job creation, education investments, criminal justice reforms and tireless advocacy for his district.

“We are thrilled that Barack Obama is endorsing our candidates in select races across the country,” said Jessica Post, Executive Director of the Democratic Legislative Campaign Committee. “His endorsement highlights how crucial state legislative elections are to building on the progress Obama has achieved and to continuing to move our nation forward.”

“When I received word that the President of the United States has personally endorsed my candidacy, I was both proud and speechless. President Obama is making important yet selective endorsements during this election cycle and to be chosen is very humbling. Thank you, Mr. President,” said Senator Duff.

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