Eversource Announces Its CT Tree-Trimming Program for 2017

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Working closely with community leaders and tree wardens throughout Connecticut, Eversource’s team of licensed arborists has developed a well thought-out tree trimming plan for 2017 that carefully balances the need for electric reliability while maintaining community aesthetics.  


— an announcement from Eversource

In an effort to reduce tree-related power outages, the company will invest $75 million this year pruning trees that threaten the electric system and the reliable delivery of power for customers.

Eversource will be trimming trees along more than 4,200 miles of overhead lines around the state.  With the lasting effects of the recent drought continuing to plague the region, identifying and removing hazardous drought-stressed trees remains a top priority this year for Eversource arborists.

“While we have a comprehensive tree trimming and removal program, the lack of rain and snow in the region over the past year-plus has taken a toll on trees and managing them is even more vital than ever,” said Sean Redding, Manager of Vegetation Management at Eversource.  “Trees can have a devastating effect on the electric system and our consistent tree work helps to improve day-to-day reliability for customers during all types of weather.”

Among the 131 communities where tree trimming will be performed this year, some of the most extensive work will be done in Wilton along 132 miles of electric lines.  Trees will also be trimmed along 117 miles in East Hampton, 115 miles in Stonington and 111 miles in Stamford.  In addition, pruning will be completed in Bristol, Newington, Ridgefield, Southington and Tolland.  Eversource notifies customers in advance if trimming is necessary on their property.

In addition, the company reminds customers that homeowners are responsible for tree maintenance on their own property, including keeping branches away from the lower-voltage service wires connecting their homes and businesses to the main utility lines on the street.  Eversource strongly recommends contacting a professional tree service to perform this work. For details on the company’s comprehensive vegetation management program, please visit Eversource.com.

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