Have Your Dump Permit? Fireworks Pass? Dog Registered? Beach Sticker? Where to Go, Online or in Town Hall

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Now is the time of year when, with deadlines approaching, you need to get a bunch of permits from Town Hall (or, in many cases, online). Here’s what you need to know for the most widely used permits:

Note: Town Hall at 2 Renshaw Road is open from 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., Monday through Friday. If you can do any of these online, we’ll provide a link below.

Dump Permit

The Darien Department of Public Works office is on the second floor, Room 208 (go up the stairs and turn left; the room is on the right).

Phone: (203) 656-7346

Dump Sticker Renewal 06-24-17

Photo from Darien Reycling Center on Facebook

Your dump sticker expires on July 1. You can renew online in many cases, or in Town Hall.

From the Darien Public Works Recycling Center Web page:

The residential Darien Recycling & Refuse Center Permits are available for sale, the permits are valid beginning July 1st and expire on June 30th of each year.

Darien Recycling & Refuse Center Permit Fee Schedule:

  • Residents without garbage collection: permit fee is $120, this entitles the resident to two (2) permits, a third permit is an additional $40 (permits may be purchased on-line for existing customers only).
  • Residents with garbage collection: permit fee $40, this entitles the resident to two (2) permits, a third permit is an additional $40 (permits may be purchased on-line for existing customers only).
  • All seniors 65 and over (proof of age along with vehicle registration needed) are entitled to one (1) free permit per household, additional permits are $40.00 each (online purchase is not available).
  • Seniors may receive one (1) free Recycling & Refuse Center Permit by mail, click here for details to apply.
  • All residents in the Town Abatement Program ( must be pre-qualified with Tax Assessor’s Office) are entitled to one (1) free permit per household additional permits are $40.00 each (online purchase is not available).
  • There is maximum of three (3) permits allowed per household. Any lost replacement permits are $40.00 each.  Permits are not pro-rated.
  • *Recycling Center Permits must be affixed to the drivers side windshield to gain access into the Darien Recycling & Refuse Center or the Darien Swap Shop.

To receive a permit by mail or in person, please have the following documentation available:

First time permit purchasers must provide registration for each vehicle, proof of residency, and proof of garbage hauler if applicable. Registration is required for newly purchased vehicles as well.

If you own property in Darien but do not reside here, you must prove ownership (a copy of your Darien Property Tax, Mortgage, or utility bill) to obtain a permit.

If you have any questions or need assistance with your purchase, call 203-656-7346, during regular business hours Mon. through Fri.

Residential online purchases are for Existing Customers ONLY, who have purchased a Residential Recycling Permit in the past and who’s vehicle(s) is already on file with the Department of Public Works. The Residential Recycling Permits are valid beginning July 1st and expire on June 30th of each year, permits are not pro-rated.

Click here to purchase a Residential Recycling Permit online.

Commercial Dump Permits are valid from January 1st to December 31st of each year, the cost is $150.00 per year, per vehicle, permits are not pro-rated. Online purchases are for Existing Customers ONLY, who have purchased a Commercial Permit in the past and who’s vehicle(s) is already on file with the Department of Public Works. Click here, to purchase a Commercial Dump Permit Online.

Fireworks Parking Permit

You can see Darien’s fireworks display on Saturday night, July 1, for free, but getting there is the thing. Parking is at specified places at and around Darien High School, and you can get ticketed or even towed if you don’t follow the parking rules.

You CAN’T buy this permit online.

Get a $30 parking permit at the First Selectman’s Office (second floor, turn right from the top of the stairs and go to the end of the hallway):

First Selectman’s Office: (203) 656-7338

Darien Fireworks top of flyer 2017Darien Fireworks 2017 bottom of flyer

Dog Licenses and Renewals

Get dog licenses in the Town Clerk’s Office, Room 101, on the first floor (turn left from the entrance, walk all the way down the hall, the office is the last door on the right).

Phone: (203) 656-7307

Dog Licensing Facts:

(Legal Notice)

  • Dog licenses in effect July 1 thru June 30.
  • All dogs over 6 months must be licensed.
  • Renewals on sale beginning June 1 & must be procured by June 30 of each year.
  • Late charge is $1 for each month late.
    **  Late Fee Schedule  **
  • A current rabies certificate must be presented to get a license.
  • Applications for dogs that have not previously been registered in Darien can be found here.

Click here for rules & regulations for dogs in parks – Sec 42-R29-b.

Click here for Ordinance on Control of Dogs in Public Places

Beach Permits

The Parks & Recreation Department is in Room 110 on the first floor (turn right after coming through the main Town Hall entrance; the office is on the right).

Phone: (203) 656-7325

You can buy beach stickers online here

From the Beach Permits page of the Town Hall website:

Beach Permits

Beach Permit and Boat launch applications were included in the Spring and Summer brochure which was mailed out to all Darien households the last week of February.  The Parks and Recreation Department is currently accepting applications for beach permits.  Stickers are available to Darien residents and taxpayers only.  Proof of residency must be presented in the form of current motor vehicle registration to Darien address.

Avoid standing in line!!!  Simply purchase your permit online at https://apm.activecommunities.com/darienparksandrec or print out the application below and drop it in the mail with a copy of the DMV registration for each vehicle.  We will quickly process your application and mail your permit(s) to you.  Please note that all applications processed prior to April 3rd will be mailed the week of April 3rd.  Application instructions appear in the 2017 Spring and Summer brochure.  Please call the Parks and Recreation Department at 203-656-7325 for more information.

2017 Beach Permit Application

Resident* $45
Senior Resident Free (1 per family)
Non-Resident Taxpayer $75
Summer Residents $100
Daily Beach Pass $45
Boat Launch $45
Daily Boat Launch $65

*To qualify for a resident pass, the car must be registered in Darien.  If the car is owned by a Darien resident and registered in a town other than Darien, the cost is $75 for the car.

Beach Permit and Boat launch stickers are required from Memorial Day Weekend through Labor Day at Pear Tree Beach and mid-April through early October at Weed Beach (or when gatehouses are staffed).  No one is permitted to enter the facilities without the proper permit.

Interested in having a picnic or barbecue at the beach?  To reserve a section of the picnic area you will need a permit issued through the Parks & Recreation Office.  Call 203-656-7325 for more information.

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