Don’t Get Scammed from ‘Eversource Collection’ The Way This Victim Did

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This week a victim in North Canaan was called by “Eversource Debt Collection” and was convinced that he had to pay $350 to keep his power on.


The victim purchased a prepaid credit card and paid the suspect. Criminals will frequently demand payment using prepaid debit cards/green dot cards.

The suspects are targeting homes and businesses and use fake numbers with local area codes to trick victims into thinking they’re legitimate.


This announcement is from Connecticut State Police.


Residents are encouraged to not offer any credit or debit information over the telephone and to contact Eversource Customer Service at 1-800-286-2000.

Per Eversource, they WILL NOT conduct personal debt-collection but instead use an automated phone message system which instructs delinquent customers to call a debt collection number.

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