Darien Woman Loses $2,200 in I.D. Theft Case Using ‘Square Cash’ App

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For one Darien woman, the “Square Cash” app had a round hole in it, big enough for a thief to remove $2,200 from her bank account.

Darien police gave this account of the matter:

The woman, a 39-year-old Edgewood Road resident, was notified on Thursday, April 27 that her account with Webster Bank had a zero balance.

The woman discovered that two withdrawals had been made from her account the day before, one for $1,200 and the other for $1,000. She reported the theft to Darien police on May 1.

The withdrawals were listed as being made to “SQL* Bruton” through the online application Square Cash. The victim is not an active user of “Square Cash” but was in the past.

The home page of the “Square Cash” website says the app can be used to “Exchange money quickly, easily and for free.”

It appeared that the withdrawals were made in California, and Darien police know of no local criminal activity connected with the case. The bank is investigating.


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