Darien Scouts’ Rolling Auctions Fundraiser Continues, With Some Closing Thursday, Friday

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Darien Scouts has taken its annual tag sale online this year, with a series of auctions running in April and May. New auctions are online now.

All auctions feature a mix of furniture, art, décor, antiques, bikes, sporting equipment, toys, and more, with bidding starting as low as $1.

Darien Scouts Online Mega-Auction.

Contributed picture of pictures

Part of the Darien Scouts Online Mega-Auction.

— an announcement from Darien Scouts

Visit soon and visit often! Next auctions close Thursday, April 29 and Friday, April 30, and more will be added regularly until at least May 6.

All proceeds from the Darien Scouts Online Mega-Auction go to support the Darien Scouting program, building young leaders and serving the local community.

For more information on Darien Scouting programs for boys and girls grades K-12, visit the Darien Scouts website.

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