Darien Pollinator Pathway Event with Wine, Cheese, Classes on Native Seeds and Floral Design

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Mark your calendars! The Darien Pollinator Pathway will be hosting a wine and cheese evening at the Gardener’s Center and Florist on Jan, 23. The event is free and open to everyone.

It will feature two classes by the Gardener’s Center: a native seed planting class presented by Kris Barker, and a class in floral design using native flowers presented by Kate O’Keefe.

Doors open at 6 p.m. and the first class starts at 6.30 p.m. There will also be a raffle, with prizes including a magnificent bottle of wine donated by Sipstirs and a landscaping consultation with Kate O’Keefe.

Monarch butterfly Darien pollinator path

Photo from Darien Nature Center

Monarch butterfly

The Darien Pollinator Pathway is a collaboration of residents from various groups in town, including the Darien Nature Center, the Garden Club of Darien, the Gardener’s Center and Florist and the Darien Library.

The goal of the collaboration is to provide habitat and nutrition on both public and private properties across Darien to birds, bees, butterflies and other pollinating creatures that move pollen among plants allowing for new growth.

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These pollinator-friendly properties use no toxic products in their landscaping and have at least one native plant species. As the Darien Pathway grows, it will connect with the greater Fairfield County Pollinator Pathway creating a contiguous corridor of pollinator-friendly spaces.

Learn more about how to have your property on the Pathway at www.pollinator-pathway.org.

Pollinator Pathway group starts

Photo by Leah Salomoni

BACK ROW: Pollinator Pathway Co-Chair Deepika Saksena, Nature Center Executive Director Leila Wetmore, Pollinator Pathway co-chair Juliet Cain. FRONT: Gardene\’s Center owner Kris Barker, Nature Center Program Director Emily Ciffone, Darien Librarian Susie Skerrett, Nature Center Program Teacher Nina Miller

Sponsors of the event include Cascade Mountain Winery, the Gardener’s Center and Florist, the Garden Club of Darien, Norwalk Land Trust, Kate O’Keefe, Rowayton Gardeners Club, and Sipstirs.

Come learn all about the benefits of landscaping with native plants and not using pesticides! We can all live on the Pollinator Pathway! Registration is recommended for this free event.

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