Is Your Darien Nail Salon Safe? Darien Health Department Has Some Advice

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Darien is a very popular destination for salons and other spa services to locate and open for business. With a population of 21,190, our town supports 28 salons that offer cosmetology services, while a nearby municipality has 16 salons catering to a population of 51,384 people.

Cover nail salon safety brochure Darien 08-21-17

Images from Darien Health Department

Cover of a 2017 Darien Health Department brochure on nail salon safety

This comparison becomes even more fascinating when you take into account that more than half of our residents are under the age of 18 or over 65 years of age — a population that may be less likely to be receiving services as frequently or as extensively as the middle-age bracket.


— This announcement from Darien Health Department is from Catherine Gorey, a Darien High School intern with the department last spring who organized the department’s “Health in Your Hands” nail salon safety awareness campaign, and Darien Health Director David Knopf.


In 2001, the state government passed legislation directing local health departments to inspect personal service salons, but no statewide guidelines or regulations were provided leaving local health departments to develop their own procedures and policies for protecting public health.

Darien Nail Salon Safety Hlth Dept 08-21-17

While hairdressers and massage therapists need state licenses to practice, no such requirement exists for manicurists and pedicurists. To provide needed protection for the public, the Darien Health Department has developed local regulations and a permit program that our local salons must follow.

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From the Darien Health Department brochure

What can go wrong with your nails.

Health Department staff conduct regular inspections at least twice a year and a “Certificate of Inspection” is issued to each establishment at the conclusion of each inspection indicating that the facility has been inspected and meets standards of safety. Patrons should look for this certificate when entering the facility.


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The guidelines developed by the Health Department are vital to protecting our citizen’s health. As the number of salons and complexity of services increase, so do the associated health risks.

In an effort to sponsor community awareness of proper sanitation practices, health concerns, and to provide some guidance in how to become vigilant as a consumer, the Darien Health Department has published an informational pamphlet and the results of salon inspections are available to the public online.

For more information please visit the Darien Health Department website, where you can review inspection reports of salons and a digital version of the informational pamphlet. Follow us on Twitter.


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