Darien Man’s Check Stolen, Apparently from Mailbox — Then Changed, Cashed for More Money

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A man who put a check in the mail, using his mailbox on Coachlamp Lane, later found it had been cashed for a different amount and to a different person.

Darien police gave these additional details:

On Feb. 22, the man put the check in his mailbox at about 8 a.m. On March 22, he saw on his bank statement that the check had been cashed, but for a much bigger amount of money.

When the man looked at an image of the check, he saw it was made out to someone he didn’t know. He reported the theft to police on April 8.

There have been quite a few other instances in the past couple of years of checks being stolen from mailboxes in Darien and elsewhere. Thieves even stole from the mailboxes outside Darien Post Office. The Post Office switched to mailboxes with slits that are much tougher to steal from.

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