Internet Safety Webinar for Parents Thursday Night, April 22

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In a 90-minute webinar Thursday night, April 22, Scott Driscoll of Internet Safety Concepts will present the positives and pitfalls of today’s most popular programs to help parents decide what’s right for their families.

an announcement from Darien Library, The Depot Youth Center and the Darien Police Association

Topics covered include:

•        Social Networking: Concerns parents should have

•        Cyberbullying: How to talk to your children about getting involved

•        Texting and Sexting

•        Popular/Trending Apps

•        Picture Sharing

•        Privacy Settings: Understanding the importance

•        Digital Footprints: Positive and negative impacts

•        Apps / programs that help parents monitor their families

•        Parental controls and available resources

69– Percentage of teens who regularly receive personal messages from people they have never met.

     11 – Average age of children when they are first exposed to Internet pornography.

     33 – Percentage of teens who admit they have been the victim of cyberbullying.

    365+ – Connecticut schools and organizations who have hosted Internet Safety Concepts for stunts and parents.

The program is co-sponsored by the library, the Darien Police Association and The Depot Youth Center.

You’ll Need to Register to Attend

Register for Internet Safety for Parents via the Zoom link. Participants will automatically be emailed the link to the Zoom webinar. Or  register here.

If you have any questions regarding program registration, please contact Samantha at

About Scott Driscoll

Since 2007, Scott Driscoll of Internet Safety Concepts has taught students and parents how to use technology safely while avoiding potential dangers of the Internet, social media, and cyberbullying.

Scott Driscoll head shot

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Scott Driscoll of Internet Safety Concepts

With new advances on the Internet, come new dangers and concerns. Parents need to be aware of the technology their children use and the trouble that can follow if safety rules are not in place.

Scott Driscoll spent most of his 29-year career in law enforcement as a youth officer with a local Connecticut police department, building a rapport with youth in the community and in the school system.

While serving on a federal task force combatting crimes against children, he conducted undercover investigations of crimes committed by people using computers and the Internet.

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