Darien High School Technology Student Associations Brings Home 12 Trophies from State Conference

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A total of 12 trophies were brought home from the state Technology Student Association conference two weekends ago by Darien High School’s Technology Student Association and its advisor, teacher Gregory Darin.

— an announcement from Darien High School

Students Toby Cowles and Chris Stoumpas secured first place in board game design. Evan Tong also brought home a first place win in photographic tech. Darien had two teams competing in the debating technical issues event, both of whom fought hard.

Darien Technology Student Association 2019

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From left: Darien Technology Student Association members Grant Hedley, Grace Aronsohn, Toby Cowles, Thomas Kiernan, Declan O’Mara, Tommy Lasagne, Evan Tong, John Khachian, Andrew Skoglund and Christopher Calderwood.

Declan O’Mara and Andrew Skogland secured second place, while Tommy Lasagne and Thomas Kiernan earned a third place trophy.

Evan Tong and Hudson Lazzara won third place in structural engineering, and Declan O’Mara, Tommy Lasagne, and John Khachian were awarded second place in video game design for their original videogame: A Day at TSA.

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