Darien High School Students Receive Awards for Projects Entered in State Science Fair

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One Darien High School student received first honors and multiple awards for his science project at the recent Connecticut Science and Engineering Fair; another four Darien students received second honors, and eight more students received third honors.

Altogether, the high school sent 11 projects to the Connecticut Science and Engineering Fair (CSEF) at Quinnipiac University, where a total of 460 research projects were entered from around the state. Many students at CSEF are winners at regional science fairs.

(Darien students were partners for two of the projects — that’s how 11 projects by 13 students were entered.)

CSEF is a qualifying fair for the International Science and Engineer Fair. The Connecticut fair sends seven students to participate in the international fair.

These DHS students won prizes for their projects:
Dan Pfrommer science fair 2018

Contributed photo

DHS student Daniel Pfrommer won first honors and several awards at the state science fair.


Daniel Pfrommer was awarded 1st Honors for his project, Fast Point-based Raytracing with Sphere Bounding Volume Hierarchies. He also received:

  • Lockheed Martin Physical Sciences Award —Finalist — Physical Sciences Senior High – CSF Medallion — Computer Science Award — 1st Place High School
  • United Technologies Corporation Award
  • Intel Excellence in Computer Science Award
These students earned 2nd Honors:

Onora Brown – Discovering the Pathogen Responsible for Gorgonian Wasting Syndrome on the Gorgonia ventalina sea fan

Paul Hager – Expression & Localization Mapping of PLEKHA7 & RNAi-Associated Proteins in HUVEC Cells

Carson Halabi – Screening of Northeastern U.S. Bat Colonies for Pseudogymnoascus destructans, the Causative Agent of White Nose Syndrome

Tanmay Mehta – Mean Platelet Volume as a Possible Diagnostic Marker for Myeloproliferative Neoplasm Disorders

These students earned 3rd Honors:

Kellie Arevalo – Comparing Dissolved Oxygen between Mamaroneck Bay and Darien Harbor

Corinne Bevill and Emily DeNunzio – The Effect of pH on the Dissolved Oxygen Levels on Long Island Sound

Emily Findlan and Cheyenne Li – Positive Holes as Early Indicators for Future Earthquakes

John Goll – Effects of Bt Insecticides on the Mortality Rate of Juvenile Horseshoe Crabs

Alexandra Swift – The Bioaccumulation of Methylmercury in Atlantic Silversides

Chris Vernal – Creation of a Screening Tool for Assessing Baseball Pitching Biomechanics

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