Darien High School Students Participate in Model Congress

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On Saturday Oct. 13, the Darien Model Congress Club had a wonderful experience at the Wilton High School Model Congress, where student delegates meet in senatorial committees or with the President’s National Security Council.

— an announcement from Darien High School

The mock event was attended by 6 Darien Students and about 55 other students from around Fairfield County. Delegates enjoyed co-writing bills  and then worked in to improve and pass them in committee.

If fortunate to get their bill passed, they then presented the bill in a session of the whole Senate to procure passage. The process mimics what happens in Washington. Students bring their own positions and thoughts to the event.

Vice President Julia Pfrommer, Whip Christian DaSilva, Henry Kanlian and Max Wadley all won honorable mentions for their work in committees or in the general Senate.

Christian DaSilva also won best speaker for his leadership and articulation in the Health, Education, Environment and Labor Committee.

The Club is advised by History/Social Studies teacher Bruce Clarke.

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