Darien High School Graduation Date Set by Board of Education

Christian Ostberg graduation 6-17-16

Christian Ostberg delivering one of the two co-salutatarian addresses at the DHS Class of 2016 graduation ceremony Thursday

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Following a recommendation of Superintendent Dan Brenner, the Darien Board of Education votes unanimously Tuesday night to set the date for Darien High School graduation for a date near the end of June.

The last day of school for teachers across the district will be Friday, June 22, and for students, Thursday, June 21.

That Thursday, June 21, will also be Graduation Day for Darien High School.

Any event that closes school for a day or more could always mean that extra school days will be added, changing the dates, Brenner warned.

The first day of summer school will be Monday, June 25 — so if for any reason the school year is lengthened, something would have to be done about that starting date.

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