The Curious Case of the Illicit Television Watcher

Darien Police Department
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Be aware, as you’re reading this, that the curious circumstances surrounding this crime happened not once, but twice, making it all twice as weird:

A resident of Avalon Darien apartments at 137 Hollow Tree Ridge Road reported to police at 5:03 p.m. on Thursday, Feb. 23 that, again, the door leading into his first-floor apartment had been locked from the inside with the deadbolt lock. His key doesn’t work for that lock.

And the television was on inside the apartment.

There is the sliding glass patio door, which allowed police to get into the apartment without breaking down the hallway door. No one was inside the apartment. Nothing appeared to have been stolen or even disturbed, except for that television.

It was all like a rerun of the day before.


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The resident, 50 years old, told police that he always keeps the patio door locked, then locks the hallway door, as he did that day when he left at 7 a.m. But when he returned at 4:45 p.m., he again couldn’t get in.

And he definitely didn’t leave the TV on when he left.

The police report (on which this article is based) did not say what channel was on in either instance.

Darien police are investigating the incidents. The resident said he hadn’t given anyone else a key that would work in the lock. Management at the apartment complex planned to meet with maintenance people.


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