Briar Brae Road House Goes for $1,030,000 and Other Darien Home Sales

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These properties recently were sold in Darien, according to records in the Town Clerk’s Office:

7 Briar Brae Road, Darien

—317 West Ave. — Christopher Passaro and Clare Passaro to Robert Dalton and jamie Dalton, sold July 31, filed Aug. 1, $775,000

—11 Pondfield Lane — Dennis Giannos and Marilyn Giannos to Sayan Chakraborty and Satarupa Chakraborty, sold Aug. 1, filed Aug. 2, $1,890,000

—7 Briar Brae Road — Ricardo Albu and Nancy Albu to Christina Olzerowicz and Roger Farley, sold July 31, filed Aug. 2, $1,032,500 — PICTURED

—2-6 Settler’s Trail — Knobel Hill Inc. of 23 Butler’s Island Road to Egret Hill LLC of 5 Tokeneke Tr., sold July 30, filed Aug. 2, $1,725,000

—30 Devon Road — Thomas O’Grady and Laura O’Grady to Zachary Breslin and Anna Bfreslin, sold July 31, filed Aug. 2, $1,125,000

—1 Tokeneke Beach Dr. — Joan Dean and Harold Dean to Michael Casolo and Theresa Facos-Cosolo, sold July 27, filed Aug. 3, $2,575,000

—4 Palmer Lane — Big View Real Estaste LLC of 131 Long Neck Point Road to Rina Thakker and Vikas Thakker, sold July 26, filed Aug. 3, $1,037,500

—72 Holmes Ave. — Qurino Pinti to Murtaza Tohfafarosh and Zainab Tohfafarosh, sold July 31, filed Aug. 6, $849,000

—9 Edelweiss Lane — Imapony LLC of 8 North Road, Darien to Justin Byczek and Christina Byczek, $1,590,000

40 Hillside Ave. — Keith Edwards and Sarah Edwards to Michael Wilcheck and Sarah Forger, sold Aug. 6, filed Aug. 7, $1,680,000

307 West Ave. — Kristen McDonnell and Shaun McDonnell to Samuel Miller and Maria Miller, filed Aug. 8, $780,000


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