Birch Road Home Sells for $1.96 Million and Other Darien Home Sales

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These properties recently were sold in Darien, according to records in the Town Clerk’s Office:

20 Birch Darien 08-31-17

20 Birch Road, Darien


20 Birch Road — No. 20 Birch Road LLC of 20 Tupelo Road, Westport to Charles Gruhler, sold July 6, filed July 12, $1,960,000 — PICTURED

25 Five Mile River Road — Richard White and Virginia White to Brandon Hole and Elizabeth Hole, sold July 5, filed July 12, $1,960,000

322 Noroton Ave. — James Fee and Nichole Elliman to Christina Casagrande, sold July 9, filed July 13, $905,000

19 Winding Lane — Colin McKay and Eleanor McKay to Alexander Ranson and Whitaker Ranson, sold June 26, filed July 16, $2,667,500

18 Stony Brook Road — Eugene McGarry and Elizabeth McGarry to Michael Nichols and Jessica Nichols, sold July 11, filed July 16, $1,650,000

17 Charles St. — Margaret Yee to Jonathan Cooper and Katherine Cooper, sold July 11, filed July 16, $995,000

90 Pear Tree Point Road — No. Ninety Pear Tree Point Road LLC of the same address to the 2005 Irrevocable Kirmar Trust, sold June 11, filed July 16, $8,650,000

11 Waterbury Lane — Robert Sinche and Judith Sinche to Mark Langer and Stephanie Langer, sold July 11, filed July 16, $1,700,000

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