Board of Ed Wasn’t Transparent When First Selectman Candidate Ochman Was Chair

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To the editor:

I am the business manager of Trumbull Public Schools, and in the past 13 years have had similar responsibilities in Ridgefield and Plymouth.

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In the interests of full-disclosure and transparency, I have routinely provided the Boards of Finance in those towns any financial information they requested (redacting students’ names to protect confidentiality).

None of the Boards of Education in those towns invoked the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) before such information was shared. In one town I met with the Board of Finance monthly to review the school budget.

Ms. Ochman’s attempt to utilize Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) to stonewall the Darien Board of Finance’s request for data to update its five-year projections is ludicrous.

The heart of good government is based on transparency and collaboration; Ms. Ochman’s actions exhibited neither. It is time to stop the juvenile games. Let’s elect the adults – Monica McNally, Marcy Minnick, and Jon Zagrodzky.


Paul Hendrickson

Editor’s note: Paul Hendrickson is a Republican candidate for Board of Finance. Tara Ochman is a Democrat running for first selectman.

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