Bank Cards Stolen While Woman at Store, Gets Texts About Suspicious Activity

Darien Police Department
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A 55-year-old shopper had two credit cards stolen from her purse while she was shopping at Trader Joe’s, and the thieves acted quickly, trying to get cash advances from the cards from the bank next door.

The incident was reported to Darien police two Mondays ago, at 2:15 p.m. on Feb. 27, shortly after it happened. Here’s how police described it:

The woman, a Norwalk resident, also lost her driver’s license and two casino rewards cards along with the debit cards while she was shopping in the store at 436 Post Road. She received a text message from People’s Bank asking her if she’d recently requested a cash advance for $2,500.

Soon afterward, she got another text message asking her if she’d requested another cash advance from another card for $1,000. The attempts to get the money came at Chase Bank, right next door to Trader Joe’s.


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Trader Joe’s management contacted the police.

The bank manager told police that two women had come in the branch, both white and both wearing some type of head cover. When one tried to get the first cash advance for $2,500 it was rejected. Her attempt to get the second advance was also rejected, although she presented the stolen driver’s license as a form of identification.

Both women then left the bank. Darien police detectives and Chase Bank security employees were following up with a further investigation, including getting video surveillance records.

Unrelated to this incident, Darien police say there were five motor vehicle accidents, none with injuries, in town in the seven days ending Sunday. One was in a parking lot.

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