Another Truck Strikes Railroad Overpass on Post Road

Police Car

Police Car

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A truck has again wedged itself under the relatively low railroad bridge over the Post Road in Darien, so police are asking drivers to avoid the intersection at Post and Tokeneke roads.

The Police Department Twitter account tweeted at 2:59 p.m.:

A truck has struck the railroad bridge on Rt. 1 at Rt. 136. Please avoid the area.

(State Route 136 is Tokeneke Road. U.S. Route 1 is the Post Road.)

As has reported in the past, damage done by the collisions hardly affects the bridge at all, Police Captain Don Anderson has said, but the tops of trucks are usually damaged severely.

In July 2015, the state Transportation Department had plans to install a truck-height detection system that would set off flashing lights near the bridge when any truck at too great a height approaches it, Anderson said at the time.

Overhead detection systems on poles at both sides of a road have laser beams that are disrupted if a truck passes by at a certain height. The disruption activates the warning signal, which can be flashing lights closer to the bridge.

The state had planned to install the devices in downtown Darien sometime in 2016, Anderson told the town Police Commission at a July 2015 meeting. According to the Darien Times: First Selectman Jayme Stevenson says a warning system is still in the design phase, and police say this is the 10th truck wedging at the bridge this year.





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