Another Emergency Responder Struck on a State Roadway by a Passing Vehicle

Night Police Lights CT State Police on Facebook March 30-17 uploaded 06-20-17

Photo from Connecticut State Police on Facebook

These emergency lights from a Connecticut State Police vehicle are only some of the lights that should cause you to slow down and move into a farther lane. Do it for fire vehicles, ambulances and tow trucks, too.

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— an announcement from AAA Northeast

Fran Mayko, AAA Northeast spokeswoman. “Connecticut’s “Slow Down, Move Over” law means just that: when a driver sees an emergency vehicle, whether it’s a police cruiser, fire truck, ambulance, DOT vehicles, or a tow truck with activated lights, drivers need to reasonably slow down below the speed limit. And if possible, move to the adjacent lane to give responders space to operate.”

Even though Marsh Hill Road, Orange is not considered a state highway, it is a busy thoroughfare with several on and off ramps leading to and from I-95. “Slow Down, Move Over should apply to any situation when emergency responders are assisting disabled motorists,” said Mayko

Since the beginning of the year, media accounts have reported numerous  — near  hits or actual crashes of emergency responders on state roadways. Although most publicized incidents involve state police, AAA Northeast tow truck drivers have also experienced close calls. 

Connecticut’s “Move Over law” was passed in 2009 to protect drivers of emergency vehicles, who assist disabled motorists on state roads. Fines range up to $2,500 if injuries are caused; and up to $10,000 if deaths result.

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