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Another Emergency Responder Struck on a State Roadway by a Passing Vehicle

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So, it has happened again: the parked vehicle of an emergency responder, assisting a disabled motorist, is struck on a major Connecticut roadway. — an announcement from AAA Northeast

The latest incident occurred Thursday night when an officer in Orange was called to Marsh Hill Road, Orange for a vehicle fire. News reports state when the officer left his cruiser to assist the driver he was hit by a passing car. The unidentified officer has been hospitalized, reports said. This situation again drives home the fact: many Connecticut drivers still aren’t heeding the state’s Slow Down, Move Over law, says AAA Northeast.

SUV Crash I-95 Slow Down Move Over Law AAA Northeast 02-20-17

AAA Northeast: Remember, Drivers — CT Has a ‘Slow Down, Move Over’ Law for Passing Accidents

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Since early January, there have been at least a half dozen or more near-hits or actual collisions with emergency vehicles on Connecticut’s interstates. In the wake of these incidents — the latest occurring Sunday night on I-95 in Guilford —AAA Northeast urges motorists to be aware of Connecticut’s “Slow Down, Move Over” law, that requires drivers to slow down and, if possible, move over, when they see emergency vehicles parked on the road’s shoulder. ____________
— an announcement from AAA Northeast, the American Automobile Association that includes western Connecticut, among its regions
Since early January, there have been numerous situations in which state police officers, emergency vehicles, and tow truck drivers have faced brushes with death on Connecticut highways after they stopped to offer assistance to injured or disabled motorists. “How many times do close calls, injuries, or fatalities have to occur before drivers understand that the law requires you to slow down?” said Fran Mayko, a AAA Northeast spokeswoman. “Emergency personnel put themselves in harm’s way daily to assist those in need.