AAA: Driving Can Be Risky; With Booze, Riskier; With Pot — Well, You’re Just a Magnet for Risk

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People who use alcohol and marijuana — not necessarily while on the road — are significantly more likely to speed, text, and adopt other reckless behaviors when they do drive, says a AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety study.

— an announcement from AAA Northeast

These same drivers are far more likely to drive under the influence of alcohol and to ride with an intoxicated driver compared to those who only drink, but don’t puff, the AAA study also reports.

Compared to alcohol-only users, the research also found people who admitted to using both drugs were more likely to self-report such behaviors as:

  • Speeding in residential neighborhood (55% vs 35% for alcohol-only)
  • Aggressive driving (52% for both vs. 28% for alcohol only)
  • Running red lights (48% for both vs. 32% for alcohol only) and
  • Texting while driving (40% for both vs. 21% for alcohol only)

The AAA research was published in the January 2021 peer-reviewed journal Transportation Research Record. (See abstract).

Driver hands on wheel AAA driving

Photo from AAA Northeast website

If you’re boozing and toking and driving too, at least keep both hands on the wheel.

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