$780 in Cash Reported Stolen from Unlocked Pickup Truck with Windows Rolled Down

Police Darien Police Lock Your Car Every Time

On the back of Darien Police patrol cars: "Lock your car. every time. Everywhere."

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A man on his way to a construction site at a home on Raiders Lane had to park his pickup truck on Red Coat Pass near Tory Hole Road because some paving work was blocking the way.

Darien Police Lock Your Car Every Time

You can see this statement on the back of Darien Police patrol cars: “LOCK YOUR CAR. EVERY TIME. EVERYWHERE.”

And that’s the last the 40-year-old Stamford man ever saw of the $780 he left bundled with some credit cards on the front seat of the unlocked pickup truck — that he left with windows open, he told police.

His credit cards were left in the pickup truck, a 1990 Ford Ranger. The incident was reported to police at 11 a.m. on Wednesday, June 15.

A 35-year-old flagman for the paving project told police he had a clear view of the parked truck and had been working at the site since about 6:45 a.m. He said he didn’t recall when the truck was parked there, and a lot of people had walked by that spot throughout the morning.

Police did a criminal history check of the flag man, which revealed a lengthy criminal record. Police went back to him to ask him if he took the money, but he was adamant that he hadn’t. He consented to be searched, and police didn’t find the money on him.

Police thanked him for his cooperation and asked him to contact the Police Department if he could remember anything.

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