Our Soldiers in Afghanistan Deserved Better

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Editor’s note: This letter was submitted early Friday afternoon. The Biden speech referred to here took place before that.

To the editor:

The deaths of our soldiers deserve better than the pre-written speech that Joe Biden fumbled through — the “moment of silence” where his postured piety was as phony as anything I have ever seen, and I have seen a lot of phonies in our government.

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Biden is not alone. Kamala is also a disgrace — going to campaign for Governor Newsom instead of looking into ways to help the Afghan people — Nancy Pelosi chuckling it up at her fundraiser (ostensibly for “women’s equality”) when Afghani women and children are being raped and slaughtered and relegated to the fifth century! Where are the priorities of these people? We deserve better!

This administration betrays us in every way: energy independence, insecure border, floundering economy. God bless our service members and bring them, the Americans and our allies stranded there, home safely. We all agree we had to leave Afghanistan — how it was done has cost America it’s trustworthiness, its beacon of hope and its stature on the world stage.

Nanci Natale
Tokeneke Road

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