Remember: Set Your Clock an Hour Ahead — Sunday is a 23-Hour Day

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Fall back, spring ahead — you have one less hour on Sunday. Did you remember? If not, set your clock ahead one hour.

Goose ClockIt’s a lot easier to get the time right nowadays, when we rely on our phones to be our watches. But there’s always clocks we need to figure out how to reset.

Now where did you stick the instructions for the microwave clock? If you need to change your car’s clock, try to do it before the expected blizzard.

And this is the time that many fire departments suggest you change the batteries on your smoke detectors. No time like the present.

When you’re doing that, it’s also a good time to see if you have one of those smoke detectors with a bit of radioactive material in them. If so, you can now recycle them at some point at the Darien Recycling Center.