Diplomats From Spanish-Speaking Countries Visit Darien High School

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After studying how to compose a formal letter in Spanish, Darien High School students Emily Knapp and Hayden Edwards wrote to the Consulate of El Salvador to invite the consul to personally visit DHS.

To the students’ surprise, Consul Pedro Sánchez and his associate, Julia Rodríguez Acosta, accepted. Other consulates in Spanish-speaking countries have followed.

The two guests from El Salvador journeyed to Darien to address a large group of students last week.

DHS junior Caroline Lui sang the national anthem of El Salvador to welcome them, said DHS World Language teacher Jonathan Smith.

During the visit, Consul Sánchez spoke to the students — in Spanish — about his country, answered questions, showed a brief video about El Salvador, and explained the role of a consul.

Consulate of El Salvador with DHS students

Students in Smith’s class have received responses from other consulates. They have conducted an interactive video-conference with the Peruvian Consulate, established contact with the Nicaraguan and Argentine consulates, and were delighted to receive a message from the Costa Rican Embassy, telling them that the Cónsul General will personally visit Darien High School this week, Smith said.

“Their confidence in communicating in their second language has grown this year, and they take pride in the fact that not one word of the English language has been spoken in their classroom since the school term began. They look forward to hosting another consul at DHS this week.” said Smith.


Marc Marin is district director of instructional technology. This article is republished from the Darien Public Schools News of the Week newsletter.