You Can Now Register for Darien Arts Center Fall Classes for Adults and Kids

Children Dance Class DAC

Photo from Darien Arts Center

DAC dance students at a recent performance.

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Registration is open for Darien Arts Center fall classes for all ages in dance, visual arts, martial arts, music and theater.

— an announcement from Darien Arts Center

To register for classes, visit the DAC website or call (203) 655-8683. The DAC is located at 2 Renshaw Road, behind the Town Hall.


The DAC dance program offers students from the age of 3 through adults, the opportunity to train in one of the finest dance spaces in Fairfield County and to participate in multiple performances throughout the year.

The DAC Weatherstone Studio converts to a black box performance space, giving DAC students the most performance opportunities in the area.

Children Dance Class DAC

Photo from Darien Arts Center

DAC dance students at a recent performance.

Fall classes run from September 3, 2019 through January 18, 2020. Dance classes for all levels, ages 3 & up include Ballet, Jazz, Hip Hop, Teen Lyrical, Adult Lyrical Jazz, Teen Contemporary, Modern, Broadway Dance, Pop-Pilates Tap, and Pointe.


Classes are designed to hone fine motor skills and improve focus and self-discipline, while learning self-defense and having fun. Students also have the opportunity to participate in a Spring Martial Arts Tournament and the Spring Concert.

—Beginner Martial Arts, White-Blue, Monday, 4:00-4:45pm, Sept 9 – Jan 13.

—Little Dragons, Ages 3–5, Tuesday, 9:45-10:30am, Sept 3 – Jan 14.

—Beginner/Intermediate Martial Arts, White-Blue, Tuesday,5:30-6:30pm, Sept 3 – Jan 14

—Advanced Martial Arts, Blue & Up, Tuesday, 6:30-7:30pm, Sept 3 – Jan 14 Open Martial Arts, Ages 8 & Up, Thursday, 6:15-7:15pm, Sept 5 – Jan 16

—Adult Martial Arts, Tuesday, 10:45 -11:45am/Thursday, 7:15 – 8:15pm, Sept 3 – Jan 16.


The DAC music program includes private lessons for guitar, flute, violin, voice, piano, and music theory as well as group classes for both adults and children.

—New Sing! Sing! Elementary Group Voice, Grades 1–5, Thursday, 5:30 – 6:15pm, Sept. 19 – Dec. 5, $210. Through musical games and activities, students will learn proper vocal techniques while receiving an introduction to music literacy. The group will be invited to participate in the Darien Arts Center Holiday Recital in December.

—Advanced Young Composers, Grades 5–10, Saturday, 1:15 – 2:45 pm, Sept. 21 – Nov. 23, $320. Student composers with more experience will work in a workshop setting, writing and critiquing each other’s music. Students will also work on their own self-directed pieces, to be performed at the DAC Holiday Recital in December.

—Beginning Young Composers, Grades 3–5, Saturday, 3 to  4 p.m., Sept. 21 – Nov. 23, $210. Beginning composition students will learn the basics of writing music. Students will compose simple pieces that explore specific parts of the compositional process. Students’ pieces may be performed at the DAC Holiday Recital in December.

—New Senior Rock Band, Adults, Tuesday, 8 to 9:30 p.m., Oct. 1 – Dec. 3, $210. Choose, learn, and perform music from the rock and blues traditions. Students deepen their technical facility on their instruments and learn about group interplay in a band and how to create a cohesive band sound.


Classes and workshops for children and adults include painting, drawing, sculpture, photography and fine crafts. Students practice in the spacious DAC Visual Arts Studio, and participate in various exhibits at the DAC and around town.

—Cartooning, Grades 2–6, Monday, 4:10 to  5:10 p.m., Sept. 23 – Dec. 16, $220. Students will design their own characters and learn to use them in a one-panel cartoon and three-panel comic strip. New projects are planned each session to accommodate new and returning students.

—New Iconic Lettering Scripts of Harry Potter, Grades 5–8, Monday, 5:15-6:45pm, Oct. 21 – Dec. 2, $220. Whether it is an acceptance letter to Hogwarts School you wish to write yourself, a set of secret spells, or magical drafts and potions you want to record on paper, the Darien Arts Center’s Chamber of Secrets will teach you the scripts of Albus Dumbledore and Headmistress McGonagoll. Using new skills, we will design and create our own Marauder’s Map!

—Little Artists, Ages 3-5, Wednesday, 2:45-3:30pm, Oct. 9 – Nov. 13, $125. Budding artists will experiment with different mediums and be introduced to some of the greatest artists in the world. This class will develop fine motor skills while allowing the opportunity to discover one’s creativity. Students will create developmentally appropriate art projects using basic artistic techniques. Students will create using pastels, watercolor, ink and more. New projects are planned each session to accommodate new and returning students.

—Drawing and Painting, Grades 5-9, Wednesday, 5:00-6:30pm, Sept. 25 – Dec. 18, $380. Similar to our art studio class but designed for older students. Students will create using pastels, watercolor, ink and more. New projects are planned each session to accommodate new and returning students.

—New Introduction to Fashion Design, Grades 5-8, Thursday, 3:45–5:15pm, Oct. 10 – Dec. 12, $320. Students will learn about different fabrics and styles and create their own pieces of clothing using newly learned sewing techniques. At the end of the semester each student will have several different articles of clothing to take home.

—New Paint the Masters: Advanced Drawing and Painting, Grades 9 and up, Wednesday, 6:45-8:15pm, Sept. 25 – Dec. 18, $380. This class is geared towards the advanced art student who would like to develop drawing and painting skills in more depth. High school students working on their college portfolios are encouraged to join.

—Digital Photography, Grades 5-8, Friday, 4:40-5:40pm, Sept. 27 – Dec. 13, $230. Students learn to use their digital device to capture amazing photos. Students photos will be showcased during the year.

—New Weekend Art of the World Club, Grades 1-4, Saturday, 10:15-11:30am, Sept. 28 – Nov. 23, $210. Each week students will learn about an artist or art technique from a different part of the world and create their own projects with different media such as acrylics, watercolors, pastels and ink.

—Introduction/Intermediate Calligraphy, Adults, Monday, 7:00-9:00pm, Oct. 21 – Dec. 2, $295. This 6 week course is geared towards beginners and those who have previous experience with calligraphy. No prior experience or skills are necessary.

—Adult Watercolor, Adults, Tuesday, 9:30–11:30am, Sept. 24–Nov.12, $335. All skill levels are welcome. Beginning students will learn the fundamentals of watercolor painting, while more advanced students will practice their technique and improve composition.


The theater program cultivates budding talent and provides performance opportunities for all ages. Elementary school classes impart team building, public speaking and listening skills.

Middle school students participate in ensemble-based programming and high school students focus on strengthening ability as performers and learning roles within a theatre company.

—Regards to Broadway, Grades 3–6, Tuesday, 4:00 – 5:30pm, Sept. 10 – Oct. 29, $300. Tech & Performance Nov. 1-3. After last year’s sold out performance of Broadway Beat!, Open Arts Alliance is back with Regards to Broadway. Young talented performers will be given the chance to shine in this classic Broadway style production. To sign up for an audition slot, email

—Middle School Theatre Makers, Grades 6–8, Thursday, 5:30-7:00pm, Sept. 26 – Dec. 19, $375. Middle schoolers take the lead in this 11-week collaboration. Students will get a taste of what it is like to work together as a theatre company, assuming roles of director, designer, writer and actor. Their culminating event will be performed for family, friends and theatregoers on December 19.

—Lil’ Kids in the Cast, Grades K–2, Saturday, 9:00-10:00am, Sept. 28 – Nov. 23, $225. A jam packed hour filled with theatre games, improvisation, storytelling and puppets!. The final class will be a culminating event where students perform for friends and family.

—New Theatre Weekend Workshop, Adults, Friday, 7:00-9:00pm, Saturday, 3:00-6:00pm, Sunday, 2:00-5:00pm, Sept 27-29, $275. Work with actor, writer and producer, Gary Betsworth, as he guides you through a comprehensive approach to “taking that great idea and making it into a play.” Get to know your fellow artists at a wine and cheese reception and attend a professional workshop reading

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