Woman’s Wallet Stolen at Supermarket

Police Darien Police 02-01-17
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A 45-year-old woman left her hand bag with her wallet in it somewhere at Whole Foods Market at about noon on Sunday, Feb. 26, and when she realized she no longer had it, it was gone.

The New Canaan woman said she was at the supermarket with her son and last remembers having the wallet when she took it out to pay for her son’s lunch at the store.

She cancelled her bank card and credit cards, and no charges not her own were reported on any of them.

The large, black Kate Spade hand bag had a gold colored, zippered wallet in it valued at $100. In the wallet was the woman’s driver’s license and five bank and store cards.

Police are investigating the incident and planned to approach store managers to review video surveillance records.

It is illegal in Connecticut to keep a found item.

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