What Darien’s Juvenile Review Board Is All About: Presentation Jan 24 at the Depot

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Parents are invited to a presentation about the Police Department’s Juvenile Review Board at 7:15 p.m., Thursday, Jan. 24 at the Depot Youth Center, 25 Heights Road.

The Depot

The Depot

— an announcement from the Depot Darien Youth Center

During a single year, an estimated 2.1 million youth under the age of 18 are arrested in the United States.

Research has shown that many youths in the juvenile justice system are there for relatively minor offenses, have significant mental health issues, and end up in out-of-home placement or on probation by default.

Diversion programs are alternatives to initial or continued formal processing of youth in the juvenile court system.

If you’re going, please RSVP herePlease be sure to sign up as registration will be limited due to the nature of the topic.

The Juvenile Review Board in Darien is an alternative Diversion Program for juveniles who are Darien residents and first-time offenders that have come into contact with the Darien Police Department.

Darien Police Detectives Mark Cappelli and James Palmieri will be discussing Darien’s JRB and answering your questions in an informal group discussion.

  • This presentation is part of the Parent Talk series at the Depot. Parent Talk is an informal discussion held each month. Coffee and great snacks provided!

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