Used Cooking Oil Stolen Overnight from Behind Downtown Restaurant

Darien Police Night 03-01-17

Darien Police Headquarters

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At 5 a.m. on Monday, Oct. 8, police were told by a restaurant employee that someone with a white van was siphoning out used cooking oil from a container behind the Sugar Bowl restaurant at 1033 Post Road.

Police got the call from the employee, who had just arrived at the restaurant.

The employee said he saw the white van backed into an alley behind the building, and when he approached the man who was doing the siphoning, the man said he had “been contracted” to take the oil.

The employee knew this wasn’t true and called police.

The man with the van also may have known it wasn’t true — and the van was gone by the time police arrived.

The cooking oil was worth about $100, police were told.

Police did not say whether or not the witness got the license plate number of the van.

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